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Sample sermon focusing on restorative justice.

Source: (2010) Alpha AustraliaHoward Zehr, in his "Little Book of Restorative Justice" says, "The field of restorative justice has grown so rapidly and in so many directions that it is sometimes difficult to know how to move into the future with i... READ MORE

Lent Talks: Cherie Booth.

Source: (2007) British Broadcasting Corporation.I've been sitting as a part time judge for ten years now and for me the most difficult part of the process is the sentencing. The defendant faces me from the dock while I explain to him (and it is us... READ MORE

David -- Restored at a Cost.

Source: (2007) London: Methodist Central Hall, Westminster.This sermon uses 2 Samuel 12:1-25 to discuss the consequences of harmful actions and the difficulties of restoration. READ MORE

No stumbling blocks to reconciliation

Source: (2000) Sermon delivered at Yogyakarta International Congregation, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on March 5. Downloaded 3 August 2004.At the time of this sermon, Americans Duane Ruth-Heffelbower and his wife were teaching in Indonesia. In the s... READ MORE

The Ministry of Reconciliation.

Source: (2003) Sermon given at St. George's Anglican Church, Epsom, Aukland, New Zealand. Posted on Restorative Justice Online.Judge Stan Thorburn offers this sermon on relationships and the importance of reconciliation. READ MORE

Restorative Justice: A Reflection of the Reign of Christ

Source: (2002) Sermon presented on November 24 to the Church of St. John the Evangelist, Ottawa.In this sermon, the Reverend Canon Garth Bulmer reflects on restorative justice and Restorative Justice Week, beginning with his own experience as a pr... READ MORE

'Criminal justice': What does it mean for a people who believe they are called to overcome evil with love?

Source: (2002) Sermon presented at Olivet United Church, Hamilton, Ontario, 27 October. Ottawa: The Church Council on Justice and Corrections.Speaking at a Restorative Justice Week gathering in Canada, Lorraine Berzins explores what it means for C... READ MORE