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Extending restorative justice among young adults

from the Barrow Cadbury Trust website: A new report by the Restorative Justice Council, launched today, recommends that all victims of crime should be offered restorative justice, regardless of the age of the offender. Currently, restorative just... READ MORE

Considering consequences

by Lynette Parker I enjoy restorative conferencing. I've been awed by the way people share their hearts and address the harms they've caused or experienced. While not everyone will go into a conference, I like offering an opportunity. I've learne... READ MORE

Considering consequences

So, it’s hard for me to have a case and be concerned about possible consequences of working with it. Recently, I received a case that involves a vehicle and loss of life. The kicker is that the victim’s survivors have threatened a wrongful dea... READ MORE

Can I cry?

by Lynette Parker I have a confession to make. I cry at the drop of a hat. Movies, television shows, commercials, stories – it doesn’t matter. I can be in tears in 0.2 seconds. So, it may be a surprise to folks that know me to learn that I ... READ MORE

A need to talk

by Lynette Parker “He never talked to us and we were friends.” I recently heard this statement several times from a couple whose teenage son was killed in a vehicular accident. The “he” they referred to was the driver of the vehicle who h... READ MORE

Releasing control

by Lynette Parker As a facilitator, I occasionally face situations that give me pause. Do I really want to facilitate this case? Am I competent to facilitate such a case? There are times I walk into the situation with real concerns and doubts, bu... READ MORE