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Cherokee Talking Circle

from Crime Solutions: The Cherokee Talking Circle (CTC) is a culturally based intervention targeting substance abuse among Native American adolescents. The program was designed for students who were part of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee I... READ MORE

New home for juveniles recruited to drug trade

from the article by Julian Aguilar in the New York Times: Freddie knows he is lucky. If he were six months older, he could be in a state prison. Or he could have been labeled a snitch and treated as such by Mexican cartel operatives. READ MORE

Henry's story: Facing the music

from the article on Restorative Justice Council's website: As I waited for Rachel to arrive I was absolutely terrified. I knew what would happen but it was terrifying doing it – actually facing her. She was the one I stole from. It went right t... READ MORE

The conversation: Does restorative justice work? Yes!

from the interview by Oliver Laughland in The Guardian: The Ministry of Justice is considering increasing the use of restorative justice – in which offenders are encouraged to meet their victims – as part of its forthcoming green paper on c... READ MORE

Restorative justice for recovering addicts

from Katie Derosa's article in the Times Colonist: Restorative justice is an alternative method of justice that involves offenders coming face to face with their victims and the larger community to repair the harm they’ve done. It is often us... READ MORE

Students won't be prosecuted after drug raid

From the Article by Darrell Cole in the Amherst Daily News: Most, if not all students arrested at Amherst Regional High School following a drug raid earlier this month will escape criminal prosecution. Deputy Chief Ian Naylor of the Amherst... READ MORE