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The Final Gift -- A Documentary Film.

Source: (2012) 1936 Productions and SansPerf Productions.The Final Gift-- A Documentary Film offers an intimate look into one woman’s journey of healing following the violent death of her brother. Therese Bartholemew’s brother, Steve, died aft... READ MORE

Restorative justice is the heart of nonviolent change

from the entry by Ken Butigan on ZNet: We’re so trained in the art and science of retribution that it’s sometimes hard to get a fix on what restorative justice is. I got a clue several years ago when my colleague Cynthia Stateman shared the f... READ MORE

After a death, a time for restorative justice?

from the article by Sayre Quevedo for Youth Radio: An interview with restorative justice advocate, Sujatha Baliga. Imagine victim and offender sitting across from each other in a small room containing a circle of chairs. There are no bailiffs or... READ MORE

Can forgiveness play a role in criminal justice?

from the article by Paul Tullis in the New York Times ….Baliga laid out the ground rules: Campbell would read the charges and summarize the police and sheriff’s reports; next the Grosmaires would speak; then Conor; then the McBrides; and fina... READ MORE

Fairness, justice and restoring lives

from the article by Steven Teske on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange During a hot summer day, daycare workers removed children from a van, except one — Jazzmin Green. She was two years old. Sixteen-year-old Miesha Ridley was responsible fo... READ MORE