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Dealing with rape face to face

from the article by Ruth Krug and Battle Creek Enquirer: More than a dozen women have now stepped forward alleging rape by iconic funnyman Bill Cosby, but few are likely to achieve some element of justice. That's because they are clinging to the... READ MORE

Victims of sexual crime may confront their attacker

from the article by Deaerbhail McDonald in Independent: Victims of sexual crime who want to confront their perpetrators should be supported by the State in doing so, according to a new study on sexual abuse and restorative justice. Restorative j... READ MORE

Success of sex abuse treatment highlighted

from the article by Cormac O'Keeffe in Irish Examiner: Only four out of 114 sex offenders who underwent treatment at a specialist abuse organisation have re-offended.... Maeve Lewis, executive director, said the voluntary- body was one of only t... READ MORE

Sexual Violence Research Initiative: Restorative justice

from the website: Across the world, only a tiny proportion of survivors/victims of sexual violence ever see their rapist punished. There is increasing awareness that the requirements of legal proceedings are often in conflict with the needs of ... READ MORE