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DSW adopts new approach to loss prevention

from the article by Christine Kern in Integrated Solutions for Retailers: DSW, Inc. has announced that it has signed an agreement with the Corrective Education Company (CEC), to incorporate the CEC Restorative Justice Education solution into its ... READ MORE

Apologetic offenders grilled by victims to tackle crime

from the article by Lucy Richardson in Middlesbrough News: A reformed criminal who met his victims to say “sorry” joined parents who confronted a killer of their teenage son at a Teesside conference to share their positive experiences of Rest... READ MORE

Case study: Theft

from the write-up on bettinajung: Theft of a teacher’s handbag at a local secondary school by a year 9 boy. Loss of £200.00 worth of belongings. Loss of trust amongst school staff. Anger of affected parties including father of wrong doer. Con... READ MORE

Victims confront thief in jail

from the article in The Northern Echo: The meeting was arranged by police as part of a restorative justice project and Mrs Turnbull, 57, of Deneside, had second thoughts about going along. She said: “I had decided I was not going to go. I felt... READ MORE


Themes of Restorative Justice Found in the Story of Zacchaeus

Source: (2007) In Justice Reflections: Worldwide Papers Linking Christian Ideas with Matters of Justice. Lincoln UK: Diocese of Lincoln, Issue 16 JR 118.He may be a Sunday school favourite, but Zacchaeus was also a master in white collar theft. Ta... READ MORE