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Watch out for new environmental enforcement laws

from the entry by Elizabeth Sivell on Lexology: The Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2014, introduced to the Legislative Assembly on 12 August, proposes to strengthen NSW environmental enforcement laws, and introduces the ... READ MORE

Restorative justice in government ethics

from the bolg entry by Reboert Wechsler for City Ethics: ….In an ethics proceeding, there may or not be individual victims. Possible victims include colleagues (e.g., fellow board members), subordinates (who may have been intimidated into silen... READ MORE

Restorative justice: a way forward with the banks?

from the article by Martin Wright on no-offence.org There are calls to prosecute and imprison individuals, rather than merely fine the companies, but putting them in the dock is expensive and they can often use legal technicalities to avoid it. I... READ MORE

Rena captain and officer sent to jail

from the article by Matt Bowne and Paloma Migone in the Marlborough Express: ....The men responsible for causing New Zealand's worst maritime environmental disaster by grounding the Rena off Tauranga's coast have been sentenced to seven months in... READ MORE

Rena captain to residents: 'Sorry'

from the article by Kiri Gillespie in the Bay of Plenty Times: Rena's captain and navigational officer have visited Motiti Island to apologise to residents for grounding the cargo ship on Astrolabe Reef. When Rena grounded on October 5 last year... READ MORE

Confronting the Proceeds of Crime in Southern Africa: An Introspection

Source: (2007) Monograph 132, Institute for Security Studies.The six authors all address money-laundering in Southern Africa, with each author concentrating on a different country. Banda describes legislation in Malawi designed to fight money-laun... READ MORE

Money Laundering Experiences

Source: (2006) Monograph 124, Institute for Security Studies.This monograph not only examines recurrent trends in dealings with the proceeds of crime in East and Southern Africa. It goes further to probe the strengths and weaknesses of the criti... READ MORE

No restorative justice for those bereaved by Potters Bar

from Louise Christian's article in the Guardian: The farcical nature of the criminal proceedings against the companies so long after the [train crash in which two women were killed] is the consequence of the failure of accountability at the tim... READ MORE

Restorative justice and the BP catastrophe

from Carolyn Raffensperger's entry on Science & Environmental Health Network: The BP disaster demands justice. People are looking for asses to kick, ways to make BP–or the government—pay for their failures. Some have argued that we are al... READ MORE