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Seeking alternatives to violence in Back of the Yards

from the article by Daisy Contreras in the Chicago Reporter: Even though he grew up under a dictatorship in Chile, Brother Juan Acuña  says he had not been exposed to the levels of violence he sees regularly in the Back of the Yards n... READ MORE

Restorative justice has unanticipated results

from the article by Christine Wolf in the Chicago Tribune: Imagine this scenario: the sound of shattering glass echoes through your condo building as you watch two boisterous teenagers bolt down your street. Much later, after you've helped to cle... READ MORE

Cherokee Talking Circle

from Crime Solutions: The Cherokee Talking Circle (CTC) is a culturally based intervention targeting substance abuse among Native American adolescents. The program was designed for students who were part of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee I... READ MORE

Sentencing circles fall out of favour

from the article on The StarPhoenix: Once seen as a progressive innovation in the justice system, sentencing circles have almost disappeared from adult courts in Saskatchewan. Six adult sentencing circles were held in 2012, a significant dec... READ MORE

Handbook for facilitating peacemaking circles

from the publication announcement from Foresee Research Group: This publication is primarily directed to an audience of practitioners who have already become experienced in mediation and/or in other restorative practices and are open to experim... READ MORE

Restorative Justice listening . . . to bare witness

from the blog article by Kris Miner: That is an intentional typo. I’m going to try to explain the kind of listening that works best in Restorative Justice Peacemaking Circles. Not listening to respond, not active listening so you can refram... READ MORE