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Seeking restorative justice for victims of communal riots

by B. Rajeshwari: In the context of India and the occurrence of any major communal riot brings forward the plight of the victims, their struggle to attain justice and come to terms with the harsh violence they have had to face. The criminal jus... READ MORE

RJC's response to the Victim's Code consultation paper

3. RJC also welcomes the duty on the police to offer restorative justice to victims where such a service is provided by the police. Where the restorative service is provided by a partner agency the police should inform victims about the service an... READ MORE

Durham's chief constable wants restorative justice

from the article by Neil McKay for the Evening Chronicle: Britain's newest chief constable has revealed he does not dislike criminals. Mike Barton, who is heading up the Durham force, made the admission as he was officially confirmed as the man ... READ MORE

Fairness, justice and restoring lives

from the article by Steven Teske on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange During a hot summer day, daycare workers removed children from a van, except one — Jazzmin Green. She was two years old. Sixteen-year-old Miesha Ridley was responsible fo... READ MORE

Cameroon: Rights promoters advocate restorative justice

from the article on AllAfrica.com Experts on October 5 worked on the framework for effective restorative justice in Cameroon. "Restorative justice is a process where all stakeholders affected by a crime-that is, the offender, the victim, and thei... READ MORE