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Restorative justice process 'success'

from the article in Otago Daily Times: North Otago victims of crime are getting more say in a restorative justice process that has been hailed ''a North Otago success story''. Restorative justice conferences are only one element administered... READ MORE

"Family Conferencing in South Australia and Juvenile Justice Reform."

Source: (1994) In C. Alder and J. Wundersitz (eds.), Family Conferencing and Juvenile Justice: The Way Forward or Misplaced Optimism? Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology. Pp 15-44.The author describes the legislative changes occurring in... READ MORE

Real-life stories: Property damage

Central Virginia Restorative Justice provides the following vignette of restorative conference in a property damage case as one way of explaining restorative justice. A young teenager sits at a round table in our office alongside his mother, h... READ MORE

RJC's response to the Victim's Code consultation paper

3. RJC also welcomes the duty on the police to offer restorative justice to victims where such a service is provided by the police. Where the restorative service is provided by a partner agency the police should inform victims about the service an... READ MORE