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Watch this Webinar: What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative justice is a paradigm that is distinct from criminal justice. Rather than asking traditional questions like “What law or rule was broken?;” Who broke it?;” and “What consequences or punishment do they deserve?;&... READ MORE

Restorative justice: Pedagogy, praxis, and discipline

Source: (2012) Journal of School Violence. 11(2):138-155.In the ongoing effort of designing school contexts in support of proactive discipline, a range of practices and theoretical frameworks have been advanced, from behaviorist approaches to soci... READ MORE

Introducing restorative justice: Re-visioning responses to wrongdoing.

Source: (2013) The Prevention Researcher. 20(1):3-6.Learning about restorative justice involves examining conventional thinking about crime (or wrongdoing generally), values in relation to how people associated with wrongdoing are treated, and bes... READ MORE

What is restorative justice?

from the article by Matt Semansky in Dal News: Restorative justice has become a major topic of discussion this week, with the news that several of the Dal Dentistry students who were the subject of mysogynistic posts online have elected to pursue... READ MORE

Social harm and social harmony

from chapter 3 of the unpublished PhD thesis by Sarah Henkeman: This thesis is not the first attempt to combine the notion of restorative justice with other concepts. In an article termed Transformative Justice: the transformation of restorati... READ MORE