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Restorative justice and the rebirth of Chicago

From the article by Robert Koehler on Huffington Post: This is the context in which restorative justice is emerging as a social force. This is not a government program. Elements of government are catching on and embracing RJ, but this is a social... READ MORE

Reviving restorative justice: A blueprint for Texas.

Source: (2013) Policy Perspective. Austin, Texas: Texas Public Policy Foundation.Restorative justice programs provide a compelling aternative to this framework. Unlike the traditional state-centric justice model, the restorative justice model seek... READ MORE

The United States Peace Index

from the website of the Institute for Economics & Peace: The United States Peace Index (USPI) is the first national peace index and is the only statistical analysis that offers a comprehensive nation-wide measurement of crime and its costs to all... READ MORE