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Implementing restorative justice in police departments.

Source: (2012) Police Practice and Research: An International Journal. 13(5):450-463.Police are first responders to community calls for service, yet traditional responses tend to diminish victim roles significantly. Research has shown that victims... READ MORE

Oscar Pistorius' sentence: A missed opportunity?

from the post by Mike Batley on Restorative Justice Centre in South Africa: The sentence that Judge Masipa has decided on reflects the careful balancing act required of a diligent sentencing officer. She has taken the calls by the State for direc... READ MORE

Why a court case is not always the answer

from the article from the Spalding Guardian: Spalding’s top policeman has explained the force’s use of cautions and offering restorative justice settlements to offenders rather than taking them to court. Inspector Jim Tyner has come forw... READ MORE

Iowa Kids: After a crime, a second chance

From the article by Sharyn Jackson on DesMOinesRestister.com: The night before finals week of his junior year of high school, Alec Neumann wasn’t home studying, and he wasn’t at the church group meeting where he told his parents he would be... READ MORE

Restorative justice will cover the country

From the article on Voxy.co.nz: Justice Minister Judith Collins has ... announced restorative justice services will be expanded and rolled out to all courts in New Zealand. An additional 2,400 restorative justice conferences - totalling 3,60... READ MORE

Six boys, one cop, and the road to restorative justice

from the article by Molly Rowan Leach: It’s a warm summer night in Longmont, Colorado, a vibrant midsized city in the Rocky Mountains. On a dare, six young men aged between ten and thirteen years plan to break into a giant chemical processin... READ MORE