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Reconciliation via truth? A study of South Africa's TRC.

Source: (2012) Journal of Human Rights. 11(2): 189-209.Within the transitional justice literature, there is much speculation about the relationship between truth and reconciliation, yet little concrete empirical evidence. This is perhaps unsurpris... READ MORE

Rates of recidivism among offenders referred to Forum Sentencing.

Source: (2013) NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. Crime and Justice Bulletin. Number 172.Aim: To determine whether the NSW Forum Sentencing program is more effective than the conventional sentencing process in reducing recidivism. Met... READ MORE

Sexual Violence Research Initiative: Restorative justice

from the website: Across the world, only a tiny proportion of survivors/victims of sexual violence ever see their rapist punished. There is increasing awareness that the requirements of legal proceedings are often in conflict with the needs of ... READ MORE

Participant satisfaction with Youth Justice Conferencing.

Source: (2013) Crime and Justice Bulletin. Number 170.The results of this study suggest that offender and victim satisfaction is high immediately following a YJC. Even 4 months after a YJC, victim satisfaction with most aspects of conferencing r... READ MORE