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Forgiveness and Reconciliation as an Organizational Leadership Competency within Restorative Transitional Justice Instruments

Source: Paper accepted for publication with the International Journal of Servant Leadership, July 2017. Emerging research within organizational leadership and transitional justice disciplines are recognizing the role of forgiveness and recon... READ MORE

Forgive and forget?

from the post by Jon Collins on Restorative Justice Council: ....The first thing to note is that victims do not have to forgive their offender to take part in restorative justice. This may be obvious to those working in the field, but it’s ... READ MORE

The impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on psychological distress and forgiveness in South Africa

Source: (2008) Social Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 43:462–468Background Legislation to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was passed soon after election of South Africa’s first democratic government. Discourse around the T... READ MORE

Does restorative justice work? An evaluation of the restorative justice programmes of Phoenix Zululand

Source: (2014) in, S. Maphosa, L. DeLuca, and A. Keasley, eds., Building peace from within. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. PP. 74-84.This chapter provides a case study of a bottom-up restorative justice intervention aimed at encouragi... READ MORE

Review essay: Forgiveness works.

Source: (2013) Journal of Law and Religion. 28:521-532.Taken together, these three books offer a vision and a challenge to the intersection of law and religion. Behind Henderson's work, one cannot but hear the competing visions of justice and le... READ MORE

As leaders, how do we forgive?

from the entry by Craig Gilliam on Just Peace: ….Forgiveness at its deepest level is from God and it is a gift. As I understand forgiveness, it is, in part, a process or journey by which we open ourselves to the reality of another, thus, underg... READ MORE

Heart of Forgiveness

from the entry by Ron Nikkel on pfi.org: ….The fact remains that for many people forgiveness is as controversial a concept as it is an illogical one. Yet for most of us, even while forgiveness is personally desirable when we desire mercy for o... READ MORE

Restorative justice is not forgiveness

from the entry by Ted Wachtel on the HuggPost Blog: Restorative justice has been receiving a lot of attention lately, due to Paul Tullis's January 4 New York Times Magazine article, "Can Forgiveness Play a Role in Criminal Justice?" This story a... READ MORE