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Pre-sentence restorative justice

from the policy guidance released the Ministry of Justice: This guidance has been issued by the Secretary of State for Justice under section 1ZA(6) of the Powers of the Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000 about deferring the passing of sente... READ MORE

Mark to help restorative schemes

from the article on The Star: Schemes which use restorative justice to bring victims and criminals together can now be judged against a series of a n ational standards and a quality mark. The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has introduced ... READ MORE

Voluntary participation in restorative practices

From the Restorative Justice Facilitator Code of Conduct and Standards of Training and Practice adopted by the Colorado Restorative Justice Council, April 2012: A restorative justice facilitator shall conduct a restorative justice practice based ... READ MORE