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Women challenge men in Pakistan's first female jirga

From the article from the Express Tribune: When 16-year-old Tahira was murdered in a horrific acid attack last year, her poverty-stricken parents got no justice. Pakistan officials slammed the door in their faces and the police refused to liste... READ MORE

For restorative justice, the devil is in the details

from the column by J. Douglas Allen-Taylor in Oakland Local: ....The ordinance makes provision for existing agencies or non-profits to run the restorative justice component on a case-by-case referral basis, with instructions that the contracted p... READ MORE

Justice? What about understanding?

by Lynette Parker Scrolling through RSS feeds I saw a link for, “After driving on sidewalk to pass school bus, woman must wear ‘idiot’ sign.” I admit clicking the link to see what it was about. The first line quotes someone as declaring, ... READ MORE

First restorative justice Human Rights Board of Inquiry

from the press release by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission will be holding its first restorative board of inquiry Monday, Sept. 17. The commission has significantly restructured its investigation a... READ MORE

Restorative justice is the law

by Dan Van Ness Heartspeak Productions is a remarkable Canadian group that describes itself as "on a continual quest to learn about & share the principles and best practices of restorative justice." It does this by creating excellent videos explo... READ MORE