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Radical change

by Sandi Hawnt, a Sycamore Tree Project® facilitator writing in Inside Out, the newsletter of Prison Fellowship New Zealand: When I shook his hand it was cold and sweaty. He was clearly nervous to meet me - much more than I was to meet him. I... READ MORE

Victim/Community Awarness: An Orientation for Juveniles

Source: (2005) Harrisburg, PA: Pennsylvania Cmssn on Crime and Delinquency.The curriculum is designed for a group with a maximum of 15 offenders, and the 3 sessions of the curriculum encompass 3 to 4 hours. The first session is an introductory ses... READ MORE

Bringing Victims'Experiences to Offenders.

Source: (2002) Corrections Today. 64(3): 69.In this article, Susan Clayton profiles the work of Laura Scheffert James, a community treatment coordinator in the Iowa Department of Corrections. James is responsible for coordinating programs for offe... READ MORE

Restorative Practices in Prison - A Review of the Literature

Source: (2001) The Restorative Prison ProjectStern notes that the literature on restorative justice is wide ranging, but that certain common principles emerge. These include the focus on the relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, sat... READ MORE

"Gang Intervention Victim Impact Panel Program."

Source: (2001) Crime Victims Report 5 (March/April): 5-6.The Gang Intervention Victim Panel Program in Texas operates as a community supervision program to address the behavior of gang members on probation. It seeks to personalize for these offend... READ MORE