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Shifting school culture.

Source: (2012) Tikkun. Winter:48-50.My job was to create a paradigm shift within the school context by introducing restorative justice as an alternative to the traditional discipline system. After my training with Roca I returned renewed and rea... READ MORE

Restorative justice pocketbook.

Source: (2014) Alresford : Teachers' Pocketbooks.Schools that have adopted the ancient principles of restorative justice in their approach to behaviour management report better relationships with young people, greater engagement in learning and a ... READ MORE

Restorative justice: Pedagogy, praxis, and discipline

Source: (2012) Journal of School Violence. 11(2):138-155.In the ongoing effort of designing school contexts in support of proactive discipline, a range of practices and theoretical frameworks have been advanced, from behaviorist approaches to soci... READ MORE

The paradox and promise of restorative attorney discipline.

Source: (2010) Nevada Law Journal. 12(2):253-315.Our contribution to this debate is to envision a specific structure and form for public participation in disciplinary processes. We draw upon theory and practice in the field of Restorative Justic... READ MORE

Introducing restorative justice: Re-visioning responses to wrongdoing.

Source: (2013) The Prevention Researcher. 20(1):3-6.Learning about restorative justice involves examining conventional thinking about crime (or wrongdoing generally), values in relation to how people associated with wrongdoing are treated, and bes... READ MORE