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The moral case for restorative justice as a corollary of the responsibility to protect: A Rwandan case study of the insufficiency of impact of retributive justice on the rights and well-being of genocide survivors.

Source: (2012) Journal of Human Rights. 11(2): 161-188.This article analyzes how the current framework of retributive justice pursued by the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda fails to respect the human rights and to enable the well-bei... READ MORE

Reconciliation via truth? A study of South Africa's TRC.

Source: (2012) Journal of Human Rights. 11(2): 189-209.Within the transitional justice literature, there is much speculation about the relationship between truth and reconciliation, yet little concrete empirical evidence. This is perhaps unsurpris... READ MORE

The impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on psychological distress and forgiveness in South Africa

Source: (2008) Social Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 43:462–468Background Legislation to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was passed soon after election of South Africa’s first democratic government. Discourse around the T... READ MORE

Does restorative justice work? An evaluation of the restorative justice programmes of Phoenix Zululand

Source: (2014) in, S. Maphosa, L. DeLuca, and A. Keasley, eds., Building peace from within. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. PP. 74-84.This chapter provides a case study of a bottom-up restorative justice intervention aimed at encouragi... READ MORE

Rwanda: Global experts in large scale restorative justice.

Source: (2012) Ethos. 20(1):7-13.This article is about Rwanda's recovery and, more specifically about the systematic model of restorative justice that Rwanda has used to deal with genocide crimes. Rwanda stands as an example to the world of how... READ MORE

'The cooling of hearts': Community truth-telling in Northern Uganda.

Source: (2012) Human Rights Review. 13;107-124.Recent national and international debates on truth and reconciliation in Uganda have emphasized the importance of incorporating local-level mechanisms into a national transitional justice strategy. ... READ MORE