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Forgive and forget?

from the post by Jon Collins on Restorative Justice Council: ....The first thing to note is that victims do not have to forgive their offender to take part in restorative justice. This may be obvious to those working in the field, but it’s ... READ MORE

Criminal policy in Lithuania: Is a restorative justice applied?

Source: (2014) In the book Current problems of the penal law and criminology. Edited by Emil W.Plywaczewski. Wydawnictwo C.H.Beck, Warszawa 2014, p. 419-439.. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2497304The main focus of this article is to ... READ MORE

Brief considerations regarding mediation in criminal matters.

Source: (2012) Challenges of the Knowledge Society. 2:1987-1992.Mediation is an alternative means of conflict resolution, is designed as a flexible procedure whose utility was observed in contrast to the deficiencies of the judiciary system. In ... READ MORE

Mediation in penal matters in Romania.

Source: (2012) Challenges of the Knowledge Society. 2:1993-1998.In Romania, the field of restorative justice is still an unknown one, and it is still a dilemma if this kind of judicial activity (successful in other jurisdictions around the world... READ MORE

Truth commissions in post-communism: The overlooked solution?

Source: (2009) The Open Political Science Journa. 2:1-13.Despite their increased popularity in Latin America, Africa and Asia, truth commissions have remained an overlooked solution to coming to terms with the recent human rights abuses perpetrat... READ MORE

Restorative justice in cases of domestic violence

Source: (2015) Drost, Lisanne; Haller, Birgitt; Hofinger, Veronika; van der Kooij, Tinka; Lünnemann, Katinka and Wolthuis, Annemieke. Restorative justice in cases of domestic violence: Best practice examples between increasing mutual understandi... READ MORE

Recent restorative justice measures in Romania. (2006-2010).

Source: (2013) Problems of Post-Communism. 60(5):45–57.The first section of the article lays the groundwork for my analysis and provides a brief account of the theoretical and policy debates regarding restitution policies in general in the co... READ MORE

Restorative justice, policing and insurgency: Learning from Pakistan.

Source: (2014) Law & Society Review. 48(3):531-561.Pakistan state law and Taliban rule of Sharia law are at different ends of a politico-legal spectrum. They share advocacy of one system of law and attraction to eradication of alternatives. Musl... READ MORE