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Women challenge men in Pakistan's first female jirga

From the article from the Express Tribune: When 16-year-old Tahira was murdered in a horrific acid attack last year, her poverty-stricken parents got no justice. Pakistan officials slammed the door in their faces and the police refused to liste... READ MORE

Transitional justice in the shadow of the Arab Spring

from the article by Sarah Khatib on Muftah: Whether recovering from the horrific realities of war or the effects of long-standing repressive regimes, societies often find themselves attempting to reconcile their past while safeguarding a better... READ MORE

Why Iraq needs a court of truth and reconciliation now

from the article by Faris Harram in niqash: Recently I read the arrest warrant that was issued against [Iraqi Vice President] Tariq al-Hashimi on Interpol’s website. It’s difficult to know whether the man is innocent or guilty and we will all... READ MORE

Victim/offender mediation in Turkey

from the post by Janine P. Geske on Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog: After a delegation of members of the Turkish Parliament visited Marquette Law School last month, I had the privilege of traveling to Istanbul to moderate a victim/o... READ MORE

The Jirga in modern day Afghanistan

from the article by Ali Gohar in OPen Democracy: ....The working principals of the Jirga are community based and fact finding; it acts like a modern jury system. The Jirga intervenes to halt violence, identify the issues in order to resolve them ... READ MORE