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Garden provides more than fresh food

from the article in the Daily Journal: More than a ton of fresh produce was harvested from the Restorative Justice Garden at the Farmington Correctional Center. The exact amount was 2,053 pounds of potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, okra, bell ... READ MORE

Compensating victims of crime

from the report published by Justice Fellowship: Restorative Justice recognizes that crime harms people. Though most people affected by crime are never able to fully reclaim what was taken, victim compensation funds are a tool used within our c... READ MORE

On the defensive: The need for restorative justice

from the article by Anthony Cotton on The Wisconsin Law Journal: In 1993, the Wisconsin Constitution was amended to give crime victims certain privileges. Those privileges include, but are not limited to, restitution, compensation, the right... READ MORE

Restitution in Pennsylvania Task Force Final Report.

Source: (2013) Pennsylvania Office of the Victim Advocate and Center for Schools and CommunitiesSeeking to maximize the reimbursement of financial losses to crime victims, the Task Force worked within context of restorative justice theory and prac... READ MORE