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Should DUI mug shots be on Facebook?

from Johnathan Kana's entry on ThinkChristian.net: Shame has its proper place, of course. Until we experience shame, deep remorse for our deeds is impossible and enduring reform is unlikely. But shame as a noun is quite a different thing from sha... READ MORE

John Braithwaite video introduction to restorative justice

John Braithwaite is a leader in restorative justice (and in many other fields). He teaches at Australian National University which has now posted an 18 minute video in which he explains the basic theories and applications of restorative justice. ... READ MORE

Reintegrative Shaming Theory, moral emotions and bullying.

Source: (2008) Aggressive Behavior. 34(4):352-368.This article investigates the usefulness of Reintegrative Shaming Theory (RST) in explaining the bullying of siblings in families and peers in schools. Questionnaires were completed by 182 children... READ MORE