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What would Restorative Justice look like in this case?

Source: (2012) Sage E-Bulletin. 110(3):3-4.Before this mishap I had become an advocate for Restorative Justice. Having worked as a Chaplain in a Federal Penitentiary, I quickly learned that jail and imprisonment does punish, but does not make pers... READ MORE

My restorative justice experience.

Source: (2010) Los Angeles Public Interest Law Journal. 3:161-164,The principles of Restorative Justice seem to make perfect sense; therefore, I have continued to work in areas that support these guidelines. Upon my release, in December 2008, I ... READ MORE

Hergo: 3 testimonies. Conferencing in Belgium

from the announcement on European Forum for Restorative Justice: In Belgium, Judges of the Juvenile Court can propose a Hergo as a response to serious crimes. During such a conference, the underage offender (and his parents) and the victim, both ... READ MORE

Tania's story

from the article on Restorative Justice Council: When Tania* was robbed on a busy street, her confidence was destroyed. Here, she talks about why she decided to take part in a restorative justice conference with her mugger, and what it gave her b... READ MORE

Addressing the harm done in a crime

from the article by Bill Pesch in Guampdn-com: ...To this day, nearly 20 years later, recalling these events still makes my blood boil. I have no sense of finality or resolution. Most disturbing, I never learned why the kid chose me to vandalize ... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Conference between R and Mr Q

from the case report by Mark Creitzman: It was at this point, that Mr Q mentioned that he felt that he would like to be able to forgive R by the end of the meeting and that he had a challenge for R to consider. Mr Q asked R if he was up to a cha... READ MORE