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What kind of prison might the inmates design?

from the article by Lee Romney in the LA Times: ....The 18 men who enrolled in the four-day workshop this summer were contemplating restorative justice through a novel lens: design. As consensus builds that traditional criminal justice models ar... READ MORE

Garden provides more than fresh food

from the article in the Daily Journal: More than a ton of fresh produce was harvested from the Restorative Justice Garden at the Farmington Correctional Center. The exact amount was 2,053 pounds of potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, beans, okra, bell ... READ MORE

Implementing restorative justice in prison design

from the article on Arch Daily: A recent topic that has been receiving attention among architects is the issue of designing prisons. The increased awareness of the problem has been spearheaded by Raphael Sperry, founder of Architects/Designers/... READ MORE

A Utopian prison: Contradictions in terms?

Source: (2011) Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. Published online before print December 29, 2011, doi: 10.1177/1043986211432194.Given the often disquieting history of correctional institutions, we question the notion of a utopian prison an... READ MORE

Brazil's restorative prisons.

Source: (2013) in, Katherine S. van Wormer and Lorenn Walkers, eds, Restorative Justice Today: Practical Applications. Los Angeles: Sage. PP. 151-161.Brazil imprisons thousands, but a small percentage for fortunate people are imprisoned in APAC (A... READ MORE

Lost Dog Restorative Justice provides a positive vision

from the "Restorative Justice" page of the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation: In order to rescue more dogs from being put to sleep, we are in need of more foster homes. The Roxbury Correctional Institution (RCI) in Hagerstown, Maryland is worki... READ MORE

An outcome evaluation of the InnerChange Freedom Initiative

from the research brief produced by the Minnesota Department of Corrections: To evaluate the effectiveness of the InnerChange program for male inmates at MCFLino Lakes, the DOC examined recidivism outcomes among 732 offenders released from prison... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Scripts in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Voices.

Source: (2011) Children’s Literature in Education. 42:33–43.This essay examines restorative justice scripting in Voices, the second volume of Ursula K. Le Guin’s ‘‘Annals of the Western Shore.’’ Narrated by a rapechild, Voices is the... READ MORE