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The United States Peace Index

from the website of the Institute for Economics & Peace: The United States Peace Index (USPI) is the first national peace index and is the only statistical analysis that offers a comprehensive nation-wide measurement of crime and its costs to all... READ MORE

Restorative Justice: Ideas, Values, Debates. (Second Edition).

Source: (2011) UK: Routledge.Restorative Justice: Ideas, Values, Debates, provides a concise but informative introduction to the fundamental ideas of restorative justice and the many arguments surrounding the movement. Although not a detailed his... READ MORE

Twenty years of restorative justice in New Zealand

from the article by Fred W.M. McElrea in Tikkun: As I look back over the last twenty years, the following aspects of the family group conference system stand out as being both innovative and of potential value to adult systems as well: READ MORE


Crossing the divide

from Howard Zehr's Restorative Justice Blog: It has often been my experience that restorative justice can span the conservative-liberal divide. Concerns for victims and for reducing the costs of imprisonment are often common to both. The concep... READ MORE