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Symposium introduction: Humanism goes to law school.

Source: (2012) Touro Law Review. 28: 1141-1188.For some, introducing humanism into the curriculum meant focusing on developing interpersonal skills;6 for others, like the authors of Becoming a Lawyer, it was a call for a more values-focused legal ... READ MORE

Laurier students put city focus on restorative justice

from the article by Mike Peeling in Brant News: The week of Nov. 16 to Nov. 23 has been proclaimed Restorative Justice Week thanks to 152 Laurier Brantford students. Wilfrid Laurier University lecturer Thomas Rose teaches a class which inspired ... READ MORE

Survey on restorative justice teaching programmes

from the announcement by the European Forum for Restorative Justice: What: The Leuven institute of Criminology (LINC) and the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) are happy to announce the dawn of an online database regarding courses ... READ MORE


Strange Fruit: Lessons From the Cross.

Source: (2010) Thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Pacifica Graduate Institute.This thesis reviews C.G. Jung‟s psychological understanding of the Christian myth, and explores the theory that the crucifixi... READ MORE