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Justice rising: The emerging biblical vision.

Source: (2010) Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books.This book addresses these vital questions by exploring the meaning and evolution of biblical justice and its challenge for contemporary faith communities. It also describes the need for a personal an... READ MORE

Restorative justice and the story of Cain and Abel

from Ellen's entry on Fidgety Feet: I'm taking a class in restorative justice, which I was interested in, but wished I could have taken it in-class with a certain professor at TUFW. I was thinking the online class wouldn't be as good. I have l... READ MORE

What is restorative justice?

Source: (2005) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship International.This study explores key principles of restorative justice including encounter, amends, inclusion, and reintegration. The study also suggests how to apply those concepts in our lives. READ MORE

Philemon: A Case Study in Peacemaking.

Source: (2003) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship International.This study explores issues relating to victims, offenders and the impact of crime by reflecting on Paul’s short letter on behalf of the ex-offender Onesimus. The study is suitable fo... READ MORE

Steps to Reconciliation.

Source: (2002) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship International.This study explores 5 key elements for conflict resolution and reconciliation. These elements are: 1) taking responsibility; 2) Confession and Repentance; 3) Forgiveness; 4) Making Ame... READ MORE

Jesus' Path to Restoring Justice.

Source: (-0001) General Board of Global Minsitries. United Methodist Church.Each year Christians around the world remember and celebrate the events of Holy Week. Jesus gave his life to heal the brokenness of our world and to restore God’s reign ... READ MORE

Where Love and Justice Meet.

Source: (2007) Washington, DC: Prison Fellowship International.Very often justice and love are understood as distinct and even opposing values and aims. On the one hand, justice is commonly depicted as harsh judgment, as punishment without mercy... READ MORE