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A Better Story: Re-Thinking What Justice Looks Like

From the article by Derek Flood on Huff Post Religion: Go to see an action film this weekend, and in addition to the spectacle of epic visual effects, you will likely encounter a very familiar storyline where in the end the good guys win, and t... READ MORE

Heart of Forgiveness

from the entry by Ron Nikkel on pfi.org: ….The fact remains that for many people forgiveness is as controversial a concept as it is an illogical one. Yet for most of us, even while forgiveness is personally desirable when we desire mercy for o... READ MORE

N.T. Wright on judgment

from the entry by Nils von Kalm on Soul Thoughts: Whether we are Christians or not, whenever we think of judgment, especially with regards to Christianity, we have this idea of judgment as being that of a wrathful, vengeful God (and as a friend o... READ MORE

Grace, forgiveness, justice

by Lynette Parker Recently, we posted an article reviewing the book The collapse of American Criminal Justice. I found a comment to the article posted on the Restorative Justice Online Facebook page to be very interesting: “I find it interesti... READ MORE

Restorative justice for juvenile offenders

from the entry by Harold Dean Trulear on Think Christian: The recent Supreme Court decision in Miller v. Alabama, which concerns the imposition of life-without-parole sentences for juvenile offenders, offers an important opportunity for people of... READ MORE