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Newham Restorative Justice Network.

Source: (2010) Resolution: News from the Restorative Justice Consortium. 36(Summer): 5.Network (NRJN) works with young people aged 13 – 19 who have been affected by conflict and crime from our purpose built youth club “The Mix” in Plaist... READ MORE

BC gang activity wilting under police heat

from the article by Robert Freeman in the Chilliwak Progress: Gang activity in B.C. has wilted under the heat of Lower Mainland police forces, including the Chilliwack RCMP, says UFV criminologist Darryl Plecas. While the Combined Forces Special... READ MORE

The Interrupters: A story of restorative justice

from the article by Josh Larsen on Capital Commentary: The interrupters program is based on the work of epidemiologist Gary Slutkin, who compares the spread of violence to the spread of infectious diseases. The interrupters try to stop the infect... READ MORE

Justicia Juvenil Restaurativa in Peru

This 14 minute video highlights the Justicia Juvenil Restaurativa project in Lima, Peru. The project started in 2005 as a partnership between the foundation Terre des Hommes and the Peruvian NGO, Asociación Encuentros Casa de la Juventud. In the ... READ MORE

Gang injunctions do not work

from an op-ed by Victor Rios on Stop the Injunction in Oakland: I am a former gang member, juvenile felon from Oakland, California. I now have a Ph.D. from Berkeley and am a Professor of Sociology who studies youth-police relations. Based on ... READ MORE

Discovering Their Voice: Empowering Young People Through Circles

Source: (-0001) Chelsea, MA: Roca, Inc.Peacemaking circles are a method of communication and problem solving derived from aboriginal and native traditions. This summary highlights how circles are used at Roca—a multicultural, youth, family, and... READ MORE