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Youth courts: Lawyers helping students make better decisions

Source: (-0001) Univ. of Pennsylvania Journal of Law and Social Change .Vol 15 200-231The motto of the Chester Youth Court is "Students Helping Students Make Better Decisions." For five years, lawyers, working with a variety of community partners... READ MORE

Problems with legal aid

from Chris LaHatte's blog Legal Rambling: What is the answer? Encourage more appropriate charges instead of over prosecution-always a problem. Then, if the appropriate charges are laid, encourage more guilty pleas by use of greater allowanc... READ MORE

Non-Adversarial Justice

Source: (2009) Sydney: The Federation Press.This comprehensive book provides a large overview of emerging trends in Australian criminal justice. While the current system operates under adversarial justice, there have been increasing movements away... READ MORE

Awareness of RJ among lawyers in Poland (abstract).

Source: (2004) Paper presented at the Third Conference of the European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice, “Restorative Justice in Europe: Where are we heading?", Budapest, Hungary, 14-16 October. Downloaded 24 May 2005.... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Our System of Justice: One Lawyer's Journey

Source: (2003) In Douglas Sturm, ed., Belonging Together: Faith and Politics in a Relational World. Claremont, California: P&F Press. Pp. 61-73.In this essay, Thomas Porter recounts his own personal journey to seeing justice in terms of a restorat... READ MORE

The Comprehensive Law Movement

Source: (2004) Paper on a continuing legal education (CLE) conference, "Lawyering and Its Discontents: Reclaiming Meaning in the Practice of Law" Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center, April 6-7, 2003. Touro Law Review. 19: 825-846.The compr... READ MORE

Milwaukee County's Community Conferencing Program: The Role of the Defense Lawyer

Source: (2002) The Wisconsin Defender. A Journal of Research and Education Published by the Office of the Wisconsin State Public Defender. 10(3):15-17. Downloaded 2 October 2003.In this article, Terese Dick, a public defender in Wisconsin, discus... READ MORE