Source: (2001) Paper presented at the US Institute of Peace, Washington, D.C., 5 February. RJ Online. Downloaded 12 January 2005.

The Community has been instrumental in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Mozambique and was able to facilitate dialogue among relevant actors in conflicted countries such as Albania, Algeria, Burundi, Guatemala and Kosovo allowing parties to sign agreements. It was also briefly called to facilitate the Debate National in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but the project never saw full light. While its peacemaking activities never reached the climax of the peace process in Mozambique, the Community of Santxe2x80x99Egidio has continued to dedicate its self to peace work. So we ask ourselves tonight: how Catholic is Sant Egidio peacemaking? And what can we learn from Sant Egidio about Catholic peacemaking in general? (extract)

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