Source: (2001) The Howard League Magazine 19 (November): 8.

Jackie Hall is national coordinator for child community safety for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), a charity in England specializing in care for and protection of children. She claims that in England there are almost no official statistics on the scale of child victimization. Yet, from other knowledgeable sources, she says, it is clear that children and young people have a high rate of victimization of crimes such as theft from the person, assault, and harassment from adults and bullying from peers. In this context, the NSPCC is extremely concerned that local authorities are not paying sufficient attention to the needs of young people who experience crime. For example, crime reduction strategies inadequately address crimes against children and young people. Indeed, in some strategies and in much of the public perspective, young people are being cast as the chief villains in crime, not victims. All of this is of grave concern to the NSPCC.