Source: (2001) Conference Proceedings, 27-28 March 2001, Launceston, Tasmania. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia: Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child, Youth and Family Support. Download 5 May 2004.

This document presents the proceedings of the conference “Children, Young People and Their Communities: The Future Is in Our Hands.â€? The conference was held 27-28 March 2001, in Launceston, Tasmania. It was hosted by the Division of Child, Youth and Family Support of the Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services, with support from other sponsors. More than three hundred people participated from all parts of Tasmania, Australia, and New Zealand. The theme of the conference stemmed from the desirability of securing the best possible outcomes for children, young people, and their families, especially in light of research data demonstrating that children and young people need secure and supportive families to reach their full potential and to lead a satisfying and rewarding life. The conference provided an opportunity for participants to explore ways to address many challenges in delivery of services to clients (children, young people, families) requiring assistance to strengthen their family life. Particular issues covered in the conference were organized under these two, broad topics: early intervention; and community building. Each day involved addresses, workshops, and discussions.

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