Source: (-0001) In Emmanuel Clapsis, ed., Violence and Christian Spirituality An Ecumenical Conversation. Geneva, Switzerland: World Council of Churches. Pp. 86-107.

"...Yet, if we are going to discuss such notions as "anthropology" and "peace" today, it is, I think essential not to ignore one particular ideological conflict of our day: the titanic battle over whether or not there are any such things as universal categories and truths of universal validity. This is an old problem; it arose, for example, mutatis mutandis, when Christian universalism first encountered polytheistic particularism. In our own day, however, it has become customary to describe it as a conflict between modernity and post-modernity. I will not go into the familiar argument as to how far these terms are valid. I am aware that some already maintain that the postmodernist movements (together with their claim that they constitute a radically new phase, following the eclipse of the Enlightenment period) have already reached an end and have no more to contribute. This may indeed be correct to a great degree. The fact is, however, that the said terms (even used as conventional labels) invoke a clash of ideological criteria which cannot be overlooked in a serious discussion. The present paper, therefore, is an attempt at such a discussion." (abstract)