Source: (2003) Presentation at St John the Evangelist Anglican Church, Ottawa. Ottawa, Canada: The Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Downloaded 28 May 2004.

Pat Love invited me to speak with you tonight because you are a group of people from several Ottawa churches particularly committed to social justice; and I understand you have been meeting together for some time to explore some of the deeper questions of faith that challenge our notions of social justice, and also, I would imagine, some probing questions of social justice that from time to time begin to challenge, for some of us, how we view and live our faith. My work and life for the past 33 years has had me immersed in what is called ‘criminal justice’ – prisoners, crime and victims of crime; the families and communities of both; the workings of the courts and the police; people seeking justice and safety, healing from harm and fear, and crime prevention. Pat said she was particularly interested in hearing about how faith values impact on daily decisions in this line of work. (excerpt)