Source: (2004) Presentation at an Ontario Eastern Region Conference, "Make a Difference…Building on Community Partnerships", in Ottawa, March 24-25. Ottawa, Canada:Collaborative Justice Project, Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Downloaded 24 January 2005.

Kimberly Mann is connected with the Collaborative Justice Project (CJP), a demonstration project in the Judicial District of Ottawa-Carleton. As she writes, the CJP began in 1998 under the initiative of the Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC). In this presentation, Mann describes the framework of the CJP in terms of restorative justice: assisting communities and individuals to heal in the aftermath of crime; supporting victims in their needs; and encouraging offender accountability and responsibility. She then goes on to sketch the structures and procedures for handling cases, and she highlights some case experiences to show the value of the project’s work.

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