Source: (2002) Northern Ontario Project 2002. Ottawa, Canada: Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Downloaded 24 January 2005.

The Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC) is a Canadian coalition of faith-based individuals and churches advocating for a more humane way to practice criminal justice. In collaboration with the Correctional Service of Canada, the CCJC conducted workshops in four Northern Ontario communities as part of a “Taking Responsibilityâ€? project. In each community, the workshop consisted of afternoon and evening sessions. The afternoon session, entitled “Taking Responsibility – Restorative Justice and Corrections in the Community,â€? focused on the general public and those working in criminal justice. The evening session, entitled “Taking Responsibility for Healing Justice – Restorative Justice in the Faith Community,â€? aimed at church congregations. This summary report on the workshop project covers the following: the project itself; community profiles; and key things learned from the project.