Source: (2010) The Well. The Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Fall 2010.

Since 1974, the Church Council on Justice and Corrections (CCJC) has been the Churches’ voice of criminal justice experience and research in Canada. It was established by 11 denominations to examine the morality of Canada’s criminal justice policies and practices by reflecting theologically about the nature of justice, examining the impact of the present system on the lives of those it touches, and searching for pathways of redemptive change. That system, it declared early on, is off the mark in terms of faith values and principles of biblical justice (Shalom); largely because of features that prevent it from strengthening community. It actually makes community relationships weaker by failing to: 1) meet human needs; 2) address constructively the problems underlying crime; 3) heal those affected; 4) do what is needed to reduce danger and fear; and 5) rebuild trust and peace. (excerpt)

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