Source: (2010) The Well. The Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Fall 2010.

Note from the editor: A number of people wonder about CoSA and if it really is a positive program that belongs in the community. I asked the Ottawa site for CoSA how well they were doing and received big smiles and a very enthusiastic response. They admitted that there were some hard times, difficult decisions, and a lot of collaboration with the circle members to ensure that events flowed smoothly. When I asked them if they really believed they were making a difference, the response was an emphatic yes! I wondered if they would write a short story about a fictional ex-offender and what his experience would be like, based on their experiences within the circles. They provided me with this short article. I truly hope, when you have finished reading the article that you will talk about this wonderful program and help promote its benefits across your town, city, and Canada-wide.