Evans, 47, said she knows it would be difficult facing the inmate who fired the shot that killed her son: Raymond Johnson, now 32. But she said that Johnson and the other shooter, Paul Littlejohn, now 31, want to meet her as well.

"There's that fear, you know, that apprehensiveness, of course," Evans said. "That's there, but I have to take the courage so that I could fill this void in my life.

"And not only in my life, but in his," she said of Johnson.

Sanguinetti confirmed Johnson wants the meeting, too. State prison officials believe it can be beneficial for victims and inmates to understand each other's side and move forward, she said.

"But for some of these victims it's a chance to ask why," she said. "For some, it may be that they want to offer forgiveness based on their spiritual beliefs."

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