Source: (2003) Waterloo, Ontario: Conflict Resolution Network Canada. Downloaded 29 April 2004.

This paper analyzes two 2002 draft documents from the Canada Department of Justice, the "Values and Principles of Restorative Justice in Criminal Matters", and the "Restorative Justice Program Guidelines". The critique covers areas of restorative justice processes conceptualization, definitional clarity, expectations to be placed on programs and participants, structure and wording, and other outstanding issues. The Policy Review Panel members included Gerry Baragar, Judith Fowler, Harold Gatensby, Mylxc3xa8ne Jaccoud, Cathy Ann Kelly, Wilma Derksen, Paula Drouin, Renate Mohr, Val Napolean, Rupert Ross, Harry Supernault, and Mark Yantzi.

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