Source: (2001) In Bringing restorative justice to adolescent substance abuse, ed. Kathryn G. Herr. Special issue of Youth & Society 33 (December), 329-335. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

In this concluding article, Kraft, Muck, and Bazemore sum up the previous articles in this special issue of Youth & Society and identify opportunities and possibilities for further interaction between restorative justice and treatment of substance abuse problems. For various reasons, it is time to consider alternative approaches to treatment of substance-abusing youth. Foe example, restorative and community justice may offer new ways to define and respond to youth substance abuse. Also, incorporating and merging some of the components of adolescent treatment may enrich restorative justice where it faces significant challenges, such as in developing specific approaches for youth and adults, moving from repair to rehabilitation of underlying causes, and implementation of actual models with measurable outcomes. The agenda they outline is ambitious, but the opportunities and possibilities offer hope for significant, positive rewards for individuals, communities, and society.