Source: (1999) Issue 8 of The World of Forgiveness 2 (May). Madison, Wisconsin: International Forgiveness Institute.

The International Forgiveness Institute (Madison, Wisconsin) is a source of promotion and dissemination of scientific research on the topic of forgiveness. One tool for distributing information is its journal, The World of Forgiveness. This issue of The World of Forgiveness is devoted to community forgiveness and restorative justice with respect to criminal justice and the peace movement. Following an introductory essay by Robert D. Enright, President of the International Forgiveness Institute, topics addressed in this issue include the following: forgiveness in the criminal justice system; prison release and forgiveness; restorative justice, forgiveness, and the ritual of penance; forgiveness in the context of community and formal institutions; the question whether peace can be reconciled with justice; moving from '€œjust us' to justice; and forgiving the '€œdead man walking.'