Source: (1999) In Community forgiveness and restorative justice: Essays from the criminal justice system and the peace movement, ed. Robert D. Enright, 1-3. Issue 8 of The World of Forgiveness 2 (May). Madison, Wisconsin: International Forgiveness Institute.

Robert D. Enright, President of the International Forgiveness Institute, introduces this issue of The World of Forgiveness (the journal of the Institute), which is devoted to community forgiveness and restorative justice. Forgiveness may occur in a wide variety of circumstances and come in many forms. While many people picture forgiveness in wholly warm and gentle terms, others know that it take shape in the hard extremities of human conflict, trauma, and evil, as many of the essays in this issue attest. In this context, Enright observes that the themes of community forgiveness, restorative justice, and social reconciliation share the common thread of bringing people together when there has been a rift in the social fabric.