Source: (2001) Restorative Justice in Action (Spring): 8. Special School Edition. Denver, Colorado: Colorado Forum on Community and Restorative Justice. Downloaded 5 April 2004.

In this article Patrick Kneeland recounts how a small group of students at the University of Colorado (Boulder) began to introduce restorative justice and community group conferencing in the context of their university. The group worked with a range of school officials and other students to develop a campus-wide partnership to advance the concept and use of restorative justice in the form of the CU Restorative Justice program. Among other components, the program includes a number of facilitators trained in a group conferencing model adapted from the model developed by Terry O’Connell in Australia. Kneeland describes the program’s use of community group conferences to address student misconduct both on and off campus, and the general benefits of a restorative justice approach to conflict and wrongdoing.

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