Source: (2000) Tokyo, Japan: United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders

The paper focuses on corrections under the penal jurisdiction of the Correctional Services Department, as well as the community-based corrections under the Social Welfare Department. At any time, there are over 20 non-governmental organizations involved in the work of the correctional system in Hong Kong. They are dominated by religious organizations, which engage mostly in evangelistic activities. Other groups provide reintegration support, prison visits, and counseling services. The Society for the Rehabilitation of Offenders is dedicated to helping ex-prisoners in their reintegration in the community. The Prisoners' Friends' Association provides prison visits, primarily to those prisoners who do not receive visits from relatives or friends. In addition to non-governmental organizations, private individuals from the community are also involved in rehabilitative activities for offenders. These range from evening education classes to hobby classes, sports training, recreation, and character training. The media promotes public awareness of the goals of offenders' rehabilitation.