Source: (1999) Paper presented at Bolton Day 1999, The Spirit Within: Restorative Justice - Challenges for the New Millenium, North Vancouver, Canada, May 27-28. St. Leonard’s Society of Canada. Downloaded 14 January 2005.

The Saint Leonard’s Society of London began an Alternative Measures Program in 1988 in London, Ontario, Canada. This program gives young offenders charged with minor offenses the opportunity to make amends for their behavior outside of the formal court process. Building on the success of this program, in 1995 Saint Leonard’s began to develop the concept of community justice circles. Saint Leonard’s adapted these circles from aboriginal practices to include the participation of members from the young person’s own community and the victim in all aspects of the Alternative Measures Program. With this in mind, Arahan and Lewis describe the principles and operation of community justice circles in relation to community development in London, Ontario.

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