Source: (2004) IN, George Mair,ed., What Matters in Probation?. Cullompton, Devon,UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 210-228.

As Jon Spencer and Jo Deakin point out at the beginning of this chapter, the What Works agenda has become a central element of probation service policy and practice over the last decade in England and Wales. One consequence has been a renewed interest in community sentences and reintegration of offenders into the community. With this in mind, Spencer and Deakin examine the concepts and definition of community reintegration. They also set all of this within the political and social milieu of the What Works agenda. Toward these ends, they discuss the following topics: the development and context of the What Works agenda; the concept and purpose of community reintegration; punitive strategies versus ideals of social inclusion of offenders; community reintegration and social responsibility; and probation practice specifically in the area of community reintegration. At the end of their chapter, Spencer and Deakin then reflect on the question for whom community reintegration is pursued. Does it benefit the offender, the community, or both?